International Workshops on Matrices and Statistics

The Workshops

  1. Tampere, Finland, 6–8 August 1990 (program)
  2. Auckland, New Zealand, 4–5 December 1992 (report)
  3. Tartu, Estonia, 28 May 1994
  4. Montreal, Quebec, Canada, 15–16 July 1995 (report)
  5. Shrewsbury, England, 18–19 July 1996 (program, report)
  6. Istanbul, Turkey, 16–17 August 1997 (report)
  7. Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA, 11–14 December 1998, in celebration of T.W. Anderson’s 80th Birthday (program, report)
  8. Tampere, Finland, 7–8 August 1999 (program, report)
  9. Hyderabad, India, 9–13 December 2000, in celebration of C. R. Rao’s 80th Birthday (program, report)
  10. Voorburg, The Netherlands, 2–3 August 2001 (report)
  11. Lyngby, Denmark, 29–31 August 2002, in celebration of G. P. H. Styan’s 65th Birthday (report)
  12. Dortmund, Germany, 5–8 August 2003 (program, report)
  13. Bedlewo, Poland, 18–21 August 2004, in celebration of I. Olkin’s 80th Birthday (poster, program, report)
  14. Massey University, Albany Campus, Auckland, New Zealand, 29 March–1 April 2005 (report)
  15. Uppsala, Sweden, 13–16 June 2006 (program, report)
  16. Windsor, Ontario, Canada, 1–3 June 2007, in celebration of G. P. H. Styan’s 70th birthday (poster, program)
  17. Tomar, Portugal, 22–26 July 2008, in celebration of T.W. Anderson’s 90th Birthday (poster, program, report)
  18. Smolenice Castle, Slovakia, 23–27 June 2009 (poster, program)
  19. Shanghai, China, 5–8 June 2010 (program, report)
  20. Tartu, Estonia, 27 June to 1 July 2011 (poster, abstracts)
  21. Bedlewo, Poznan, Poland, 16–20 July 2012 (program, report)
  22. Hosted at the University of Toronto by the Fields Institute, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, 12–15 August 2013, the Joint Statistical Meetings 3–8 August 2013, Montreal. Chair: S. Ejaz Ahmed.

23rd International Workshop on Matrices and Statistics, Department of Mathematics, University of Ljubljana, Ljubljana, Slovenia, 9–12 June 2014 (cruise on 8 June).

Notice: There will be a Linear Algebra Workshop (LAW) taking place from June 4 to June 12. From June 4 to June 7 there will be talks in the mornings and working groups in the afternoons. Working groups will continue their work in the afternoons of the second week. So participants of LAW will be able to attend morning talks of IWMS (and have to decide what to attend in the afternoons).

Contact: Damjana Kokol Bukovšek, Matjaz Omladic.

Miscellaneous information

A short history of the International Workshop on Matrices and Statistics (IWMS) (pdf).

Prefaces of the special issues of Linear Algebra and its Applications (pdf):

Preface of the JSPI, Vol. 36, Issues 2–3, 1993 (pdf).

Preface of the IWMS-2005 Proceedings, Auckland, 30 March – 1 April 2005 (pdf).

The logo of the 17th IWMS, Tomar, Portugal (pdf).

A special stamp of the 17th IWMS (pdf).