Jyrki Nummenmaa

School of Information Sciences at the University of Tampere

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Contact information

OfficePinni B1003
Fax03-2156070 (+358-3-215 6070 from abroad)
Mobile+358-40-52 77 999
E-mail jyrki.nummenmaa@cs.uta.fi
AddressSchool and Information Sciences
University of Tampere
FIN-33014 University of Tampere


I have conducted research and have interest on a number of subjects. Most of my present major interests are within the MESSI research group. Most of my more recent publications are listed there.

See a list of publications, not really well updated.

Below is a general list of my research interests.

Software development



Distributed transaction management


Tampereen tietokanta- ja tiedonhallintaseminaari TATTIS '98 Tampereella toukokuussa '98


Introduction to Formal Specification 2010

Orientation studies for new students (in Finnish) 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004

Software Engineering 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003

Distributed Transaction Management 2001 2002

Distributed Systems 2001

Distributed System Implementation 2000

Algoritmiikkakerho - Algorithmics club

Relaatiotietokantojen teoria (Theory of relational databases) 1998

Tietokantajärjestelmät (Database systems, presently Database programming) 1996

Tietokonegrafiikka (Computer graphics) 1997

Graafialgoritmit (Graph Algorithms) 1997

Modeling and implementing concurrency, 2004