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What is Beautiful Code?

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Responsive website adapts to the viewing enviroment of the user.

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Readable code is easier to update and improve.

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Accessible Website can be accessed by people with different disabilities and needs.

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Working websites do not break down in different browsers.

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“Stop Thinking in Pages. Start Thinking in Systems.”

Beautiful Code is Responsive

It always offers an optimal viewing experience in every monitor and mobile device

Website designed in responsive manner adapts the layout to the viewing enviroment of the user by using proportion-based grids, flexible images and CSS3 media queries.

How would your website look in Acer Iconia 500, or Samsung Galaxy S II?

Knowing the standard resolutions for
different devices is essential if you wish
to create a responsive website.
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It Works in Any Browser

Same code may look very different in different web browsers.

When designing a new website, have as many browsers installed as you can, and remember to test your code in all of them frequently. Do not force your visitor to install one particular browser of your-liking just to view your website properly!

Beautiful Code is Readable

A Code is well written if it doesn't need comments to be understood.

To achieve readable code, name your variables and functions for what they represent. Indent the lines accordingly with tabs or spaces. Avoid Repetitive Code. Think how you can minimize the amount of code needed to acheive your desired design. If everything else fails, use standards at least.

It Creates an Accessible Website

An Accessible Website can be equally accessed by people with different disabilities and needs.

When finishing your code, try to think about people with poor eye-sight, hearing disabilities or movement impairments. Optimize your code for screenreaders so visually impaired people can access your information. Do not rely on audio when making videos, and try to make sure your website can be used without a mouse.

“Is your website ready for it's audience?”
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