Horizons of Logic, Computation and Definability: Symposium in Honour of Lauri Hella's 60th birthday

Murikanranta in Tampere, Finland, 4-6 July 2018


About this event

This symposium celebrates the 60th birthday of Professor Lauri Hella. During his career, Lauri has worked on a range of topics in mathematical logic. He has especially concentrated on finite model theory, where his interests include, e.g., descriptive complexity and generalized quantifiers. His recent work also includes contributions to dependence logic and its variants.

The symposium will feature invited talks by many of Lauri's friends and collaborators, including:

Miguel Couceiro On the Efficiency of Normal Form Systems for Representing Boolean Functions
Anuj Dawar Symmetric Circuits with non-Symmetric Gates
Valentin Goranko Playing with time and playing in time
Tapani Hyttinen First-order theory of free projective planes
Juliette Kennedy On Kreisel's Squeezing Argument
Phokion Kolaitis Logic, Constraints, and Quantum Information
Antti Kuusisto Model counting beyond two-variable logic
Kerkko Luosto Studying quantifiers with Lauri
Jukka Suomela Logical Characterisations in Distributed Computing
José María Turull-Torres On Fragments of Higher Order Logics that on Finite Structures Collapse to a Lower Order
Jonni Virtema Expressivity within second-order transitive-closure logic
Jouko Väänänen Generalized Quantifiers
Dag Westerståhl Why should we care about logical constants?

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The program of the symposium can be found here.

Meeting place for the bus



The symposium will take place in Murikanranta, a cozy hotel in the cozy woodland/lake area surrounding Tampere, Finland. Bus transportation will be arranged for participants from the centre of Tampere to the venue and back. Further details on the service will appear here in due course.

Dates and registration

Conference dates: 4-6 July, 2018
Registration: please contact the organizers.

How to get to Tampere

Tampere is one of the largest cities in Finland with an international airport and excellent railway and bus connections from Helsinki. There are direct flights to Tampere-Pirkkala Airport from some European cities, and Helsinki-Vantaa Airport is a coach ride away from the Tampere city centre. Also a train connection from Helsinki-Vantaa Airport is available (change at Tikkurila). Please do not hesitate to contact the organizers for further information.


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  • Mathematics Fund
  • The University of Tampere Foundation