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Braille - is not suitable for touchscreen text entry (a sequential input too slow) but still is challenge [Arato et al.]. EyeTyping: any solution is occupying too much screen space [ ].

There is a QWERTY myth about the motor skill transfer. Any layout requires training (shaping a new cognitive model and behavioral stereotype) as a new language, even when two keys were changed (QWERTY to QWERTZ or AZERTY). Still a cognitive transfer is possible. Western script has several handwriting styles for elementary school-aged children. The loops and other forms provide systematic steps for letter analysis and efficient motor and memory cues for children. These strategies simplify the learning of functional handwriting.

A new form of text entry based on character decomposition was created in 2002, summer.

The system equally suitable for physical keys and as on-screen keyboard for any graphical input techniques (head tracking, eye-tracking, PDA, mobile phone etc) even as a tactile code for deafblind communication with healthy people. You can try one of versions for touchscreen or mouse click; setup (VB 6.0) is here (DblClick within textbox to make your own layout)






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An improved version for letters (only two strokes)



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