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New Interaction Techniques

Fall 2010

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  A summary of the bonus points and the results for the exams on 14.12.2010, 13.1.2011 and 17.2.2011 are now available in the intra section.

Third homework was due on Tuesday 16.11. at 10 pm by email. Instructions are here.

Second homework was due on Tuesday 9.11. at 9 am by email. Task: Imagine a day when computers and monitors can routinely do eye tracking, and are aware of where on the screen the user is looking at. Can you think of new ways (other than those already discussed in class) of making use of that information? In what situation, with which application, by whom?

Summary of answers received is available at the Materials section.

The lectures take place in lecture room Pinni B3107. It is recommended that you attend lectures, and the first lecture in particular. See the teaching schedule on the web.

No pre-registration is required, but you can send your information (name, email address, student number, student status) to before the first class. You can also provide the information in the first class if you have not mailed it by then. Here student status should be either the name of your master's program (if you have chosen it already), undergraduate student at UTA, exchange student, or post-graduate student.

The required readings for the exam are listed on the Exam page.

All material (including slides and videos shown in class) can be accessed through the Materials page. The material will be added as the course progresses. NOTE that this year will the lectures will not be recorded, i.e. no audio is available after class.

This course can be included into post-graduate studies.

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