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New Interaction Techniques

Fall 2010

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This page will contain links to all the PowerPoint files shown in class and to additional material for self study. Some slides use animation and are best viewed if you download the file on your computer and watch them in slide show mode; simply printing them out can make some slides look strange.

Date Topic Slides Videos shown in class and additional material for self study

Assumed known: basic concepts about eyes. If you don't know the basics, study the material on your own.

Tuesday, 26.10.2010 Introduction, Motivation, Eye Movements, Categories of Eye Trackers [ppt]

Thursday, 28.10.2010 Visualizing gaze data, Carrying out offline analysis of gaze paths and visual displays, Studying real-world tasks, Detecting patterns and comparing gaze paths. [ppt]
  • Note the optional homework on the last slide. This is a difficult one (there is no real solution in the literature), so it's up to you if you want to invest time in it.
  • Videos:
    • Replay of gaze points, 1.7M [swf] (for slide 15)
    • Driving videos, slide 47: normal [avi], radio [avi], phone [avi]

Tuesday, 2.11.2010 Command-and-control interaction, especially eye typing [ppt]
  • Videos:
    • Michael Cubiss using E-tran communication board, Donegan, 3.0M [mpg] (for slide 20)
    • Michael Cubiss eye movement, Donegan, 3.7M [mpg] (for slide 21)
    • Michael Cubiss tracking, Donegan, 1.9M [mpg] (for slide 22)
    • Michael Cubiss typing, Donegan, 2.7M [mpg] (for slide 23)
    • Voice control, Donegan, 3.7M [mpg] (for slide 24)
    • Eye control: involuntary movement is not induced by eye control, Donegan, 8.3M [mpg] (for slide 25)
    • Eye control: reading an interactive book, Donegan, 9.3M [mpg] (for slide 26)
    • Gazetalk, Hansen et al., 18M [avi] (for slide 29)
    • Eye typing without zooming, Istance, 43.1M [avi] (for slide 33)
    • Eye typing with zooming, Istance, 17.4M [avi] (for slide 33)
    • Dasher, MacKay, 54M [avi] (for slide 36)
  • Eye typing. Lots of material on the target users and their requirements available on the web site of the COGAIN Association.
  • Text entry using a predictive system. Video of the Dasher system by David MacKay.
  • Review of text entry by gaze by Majaranta and Räihä [pdf]

Thursday, 4.11.2010 Gaze-aware applications, Attentive interfaces [ppt]
  • Videos:
    • EyeDraw, Hornof, 16M [mov] (for slide 5)
    • Put-that-there, Bolt, 15M [mov] (for slide 13)
    • iLights, Kembel, 4.7M [avi] (for slide 16)
    • eyePLIANCES, Vertegaal et al., 3.7M [mov] (for slide 17)
    • GUIDe, Kumar et al., 22.7M [mov] (for slide 22)
    • Speech-eye coordination, Qvarfordt, 2.1M [avi] (for slide 35)
    • Disinterest, Qvarfordt, 7M [avi] (for slide 35)
    • iDict with gaze cursor, Hyrskykari, 12M [avi] (for slide 46)
    • iDict with line marker, Hyrskykari, 12M [avi] (for slide 61)
    • Text 2.0, Biedert, 9.8M [mp4] (for slide 67)
  • Review of computer control by gaze by Skovsgaard, Räihä and Tall [pdf]
  • Review of gaze-aware attentive applications by Räihä, Hyrskykari and Majaranta [pdf]


Several suggestions have appeared in the literature. An early one is a 2006 paper by West et al. [pdf]. It has been implemented and you can download the application from SourceForge.

Many recent proposals are at the Proceedings of the 2010 ETRA Symposium.

HW2 [ppt] Summary of solutions

Tuesday, 9.11.2010 Text entry, Fitts' law [ppt]
  • Videos:
    • Menu-enhanced soft keyboards, Isokoski, 9M [avi] (for slide 32)

Thursday, 11.11.2010 Text entry, Fitts' law continued [ppt]
  • Videos:
    • MessagEase demo, 5.1M [mp4] (for slide 13)
    • SpeedScript demo, 2.8M [mpeg] (for slide 13)
    • SHARK, Zhai & Kristensson, 31.2M [mpeg] (for slide 31)

Tuesday, 16.11.2010 Interacting with small devices and screens [ppt]
  • Videos
    • Peephole displays, Yee, 72.3M [avi] (for slide 21)
    • Halo, Baudisch, 27M [wmv] (for slide 35)
    • Summary thumbnails, Lam & Baudisch, 30.1M [wmv] (for slide 51)
    • Collapse to zoom, Baudisch et al., 11.7M [wmv] (for slide 73)
    • Wedge, Gustafson et al., 30M [mov] (for slide 91)

Thursday, 18.11.2010 Interacting with small devices and screens continued [ppt]
  • Videos
    • Escape, Yatani et al., 29.8M [mpeg] (for slide 30)
    • Springboard, Hinckley et al., 17.8M [mov] (for slide 36)

Tuesday, 23.11.2010 Modeling
New cursors
[ppt1] [ppt2] [ppt3]
  • Videos
    • Bubble cursor, Grossman and Balakrishnan, 27M [mov] (for slide 9 in 9b.ppt)
    • DynaSpot, Chapuis et al., 28.4M [mov] (for slide 22 in 9b.ppt)

Thursday, 25.11.2010 Interacting with large displays [ppt]
  • Videos
    • Ninja cursors, Mynatt et al., 2.7M [MP4] (for slide 13)
    • Satellite cursors, Yu et al., 66.8M [mpeg] (for slide 33)
    • Flatland, Mynatt et al., 38M [mpeg] (for slide 41)
    • Curvature Dial, Smith et al., 16M [mov] (for slide 42)
    • Rubbing and Tapping, Olwal et al., 24M [mov] (for slide 43)
    • Multi Touch Interaction, Han, 16M [mpg] (for slide 45)
    • Multi-user Interaction, CircleTwelve, 184M [mp4] (for slide 46)
    • SpotLight, Khan et al., 28M [mov] (for slide 49)
    • Roomware, Streitz et al., 105M [mpeg] (for slide 51)

Thursday, 2.12.2010 Interacting with large displays continued [ppt1]
[ppt2] (24M)
  • Videos
    • Drag-and-Pop video, Baudisch et al., 51M [mpeg] (for slide 12)
    • Variations of Drag-and-Pop, Hascoet and Collomb, 38M [avi] (for slide 35)
    • Vacuum, Bezerianos and Balakrishnan, 30M [mov] (for slide 39)
    • High Density Cursor, Baudisch, Cutrell and Robertson, 36M [wmv] (for slide 47)
  • Demos
    • Drag-and-Pop demo, Baudisch et al. [swf] (for slide 22)

Tuesday, 7.12.2010 Tangible interfaces [ppt]
  • Videos:
    • Hug over a distance, Müller et al., 13M [mov] (for slide 6)
    • I/O Brush, Ryokai et al., 18M [mpeg] (for slide 8)
    • metaDESK, Ishii and Ullmer, 37M [mpeg] (for slide 12)
    • Shakepad, Levin and Yarin, 26M [mpeg] (for slide 15, not shown in class)
    • PingPongPlus, Ishii et al., 20M [mpeg] (for slide 32)
    • E-Textiles, Buechley, 13M [mov] (for slide 35)
    • Recipe table, Perner-Wilson et al., 16M [avi] (for slide 62, not shown in class)
    • CurlyBot, Frei et al., 41M [mpeg] (for slide 67)
    • Topobo, Raffle et al., 18M [mov] (for slide 72, not shown in class)
    • DataTiles, Rekimoto et al., 30M [mpg] (for slide 81)
    • Tangible Query Interfaces, Ullmer et al., 26M [mpeg] (for slide 88, skipped)
    • TranSticks, Ayatsuka and Rekimoto, 28M [mpeg] (for slide 89)

Tuesday, 9.12.2010 Tangible interfaces continued [ppt]
  • Videos:
    • CabBoots, Frey, 66M [mov] (for slide 4)
    • Siftables, Merrill, 30.5M [MP4] (for slide 23)
    • Tangible Programming (Tern), Horn, Solovey, Jacob, 9.5M [mov] (for slide 26)
    • BeatBearing, Bennett & Modhrain [YouTube] (for slide 37)
  • Scenario:
    • ConNexus, Paulos [html] (for slide 10)

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