Markku Turunen

Professor of Interactive Technology,
Ph.D., Docent (Adjunct Professor)
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I am a Professor of Interactive Technology working at the Faculty of Information Technology and Communication Sciences at the Tampere University.


During the semester 2019-2018 I'm teaching the following courses:

In addition, I'm heading the Finnish - Indian educational collaboration network "TICKLE - Technical and Socio-cultural Perspectives for Digitalization of Learning". In 2016-2017 we have also a special programme called Professional Programme in Human-Technology Interaction".

I supervise M.Sc. and Ph.D. thesis (in particular on my own research areas, see below).

You can also check my page in the new hti-portal.

I also guide and supervise students in their studies (students: see my contact information and calendar).


I am leading the Pervasive Interaction research group. The group studies multimodal interaction and mobile and pervasive systems as a part of the Tampere Unit for Computer-Human Interaction (TAUCHI).

My research interests include many aspects of multimodal and spoken user interfaces, including multimodal and spoken dialogue systems, and novel user interfaces for mobile and pervasive computing applications. One practical result of this work is the Jaspis architecture.

Currently, my main interests include embodied and spatial interaction (e.g., gestures), user experience evaluation, and interactive lighting, for example.

To the date, I have participated in more than 50 externally funded research projects.

Professional activities

I have been a member of the board of the Finnish Information Processing Association, a board member of the Finnish Society for Computer Science, a managing committee member of the COST 278 (Spoken Language Interaction In Telecommunication) action, and a member of board (2001-2002) and chairman (2003-2004) of the Tampere Information Processing Association (PITKY), and a vice member of the Kites ry (a language technolgy association).


I received a Ph.D. in computer science from University of Tampere in 2004. The title of my PhD dissertation is Jaspis - A Spoken Dialogue Architecture and its Applications. It has been awarded as the best computer science doctoral thesis in Finland in 2004 by the Finnish Information Processing Association on the recommendation of the Finnish Society for Computer Science. You can find more information from the dissertation page.

In addition, I'm an Adjunct Professor (Docent) of Interaction Technology at the University of Tampere.

I received a M.Sc in computer science from University of Tampere in 1998. My M.Sc. thesis topic was Speech control in 3D-interfaces (translated from Finnish). It has been awarded as the best computer science master's thesis in Finland in 1998 by the Finnish Society for Computer Science.

Awards and nominations


More than 200 publications on human-technology interaction.


A brief CV is available.

Personal interests

My personal interests include photography, motor-home and boating related activities (boat trips, fishing), literature (history in particular), movies/home-theater/htpc, music, beers, wines and computer/video games.

My favorite music genres include most genres of progressive rock and heavy/metal, some genres of jazz (fusion, free, hard bop), and otherwise inspiring music (experimental, alternative, post-rock), in particular if they include progressive/jazz/metal elements.

I love good beers and wines, in particular so-called "special beers". I like to find local breweries, especially micro-breweries and hand-crafted/real ales when I'm travelling. I'm a founding member of several beer and wine associations, including Tampere beer-culture pages. I like to cook, and in particular use beer and wine in cooking.

Contact information

Mailing address:
Tampere University
Faculty of Information Technology and Communication Sciences
FIN-33014 Tampere University

Pinni-B, 2nd floor, room 2002

Phone (WhatsApp):
+358 40 533 9689


mjturunen - call or chat

Google (Hangout etc):



Please note that this calendar contains mainly events from 8am to 4pm -- I'm open for meetings (esp. with Skype etc.) outside these times as well.

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