Poika Isokoski
Photo: Jonne Renvall / University of Tampere

Poika Isokoski

I am a HCI Researcher with a Computer Science background. I received my M.Sc. degree from the University of Tampere in late 1999 and my Ph.D. in May 2004.

I work in administration and research. I am the manager of two doctoral programs in the faculty of Information Technology and Communication Sciences:
Doctoral program in Computing and Electrical Engineering (DPCEE)
Doctoral program in Information and Systems (DPIS)
In research I work in the Emotions in Online Digital Media project funded by the Academy of Finland. I am also the head of the Visual Interaction Research Group at TAUCHI.

You can find my publication history with links to the full text papers on the publications page linked in the menu on the left. The Google Scholar page lists the same information and is often more up-to-date. It also has links to most of my co-authors over the years.

M.Sc. Thesis supervision

In 2019 I will start new thesis supervision in topics that fit my specialty (text entry, input devices or gaze-based interaction). Old supervision agreements will continue as usual.


Office Hours: No regular hours - email or Skype me to set up a meeting.

Pinni B2001
City center campus
Kanslerinne 1

Mail address:
Faculty of Information Technology and Communication Sciences
FIN-33014 Tampere university

Email: poika.isokoski@tuni.fi
Phone: +358 40 190 1718